We Empower Your Telecommunication Links with Solutions for High Quality Transmission. We had taken the initiative to provide and offer these main amenities which plays an important role in building a high quality and dependable Fiber Optic, FTTH/x, Copper, Wireless and WLAN networks


Single-Mode Cable Assemblies


Single-mode fiber optic cable assemblies are designed for use in telecommunications, CATV, data communications and wide area network applications.

Pigtails are single fiber cables preassembled with a connector at one end. They are typically used to terminate primary coated fiber to optical equipment. For special applications, pigtails are available factory-stripped and with a pre-installed protection tube for precise length adjustment to a single element splice tray.

Jumpers are single fiber cables preassembled with a connector at both ends. They are typically used to cross-connect patch panel to patch panel and to interconnect patch panels to optical equipment.

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Outdoor Fiber Distribution Terminal


TE Connectivity’s (TE) FTTX infrastructure solutions are designed from ground up to meet the unique requirements of China FTTX networks. Designed for operational efficiency and scalability, TE’s FTTX solutions simplify network installation, maintenance and management by providing an ideal connection point for distribution & drop cables.

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CommScope’s fiber optic splice closures are synonymous with excellence in sealing, fiber management, ease of use and design flexibility. Building on almost 30 years of innovation and industry leadership, TENIO closures enable 30-percent faster, future-proof network deployments in 30-percent less space.

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FTTH/x: CHEAP Misconception by Deployers

FTTH/x: CHEAP Misconception by Deployers -by Muhamad Azani Maarup Nowadays, we can see the trend that every telco wants to deploy the FTTH service. This is derived by sudden spike of customer’s demand for a stable signal with huge bandwidth. However, with this new inclination, also comes the biggest misconception by most (if not, ALL)…

FTTx relies on good optical fiber and connectivity

SEE BLOG BY JAMES DONOVAN FROM COMMSCOPE Choose PLT, a COMMSCOPE distributor in Malaysia, as your one-source provider for optical FTTH/FTTx solutions Increasing demand for high-speed broadband internet access, Over-the-Top (OTT) video or TV and telephone/wireless services is driving service providers to invest in or expand upon state-of-the-art fiber optic or “FTTx” networks. FTTx brings…

We Are Now A Ruckus Wireless Distributor In Malaysia!

We are proud to announce that we are now an authorized distributor of Ruckus Wireless and a member of Ruckus Ready Partner Program in Malaysia