FST Flexible Service Terminals



8 Full-size hardened Adapters at drop side, 1×8 Splitter, 1 Full-size Adapter at input side, 1.5 ft long

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CommScope’s FST (Flexible Service Terminal) distributes fibre to the customer premises in FibreTo-The-Home (FTTH) networks, incorporating hardened connector technology that is designed to withstand the harsh outside plant conditions. These specially designed hardened fibre connectors are factory terminated and sealed for use within underground environments. The FST is a hardened multi-fibre breakout cable assembly pre-terminated with a Hardened Multi-Fibre Optic Connector (HMFOC) plug and multiple hardened single fibre tails for distribution to the customer’s premises.


  • Available in 4-, 8- and 12-port configuration
  • Tested to meet GR-326, GR-3152 and GR-3120 standards for robust environmental performance
  • Factory terminated high performance CommScope hardened connector* is utilized as drop connection interface
  • Easy and quick installation to the distribution cable through the 12-fibre HMFOC interface as input
  • Fully sealed assembly
  • Output cables are grouped and staggered, which results in distributed space consumption and minimizes kinking • Dielectric 12F input cable with nylon jacket for termite protection
  • Transparent dust caps for easy port identification using a visible light source
  • Multiple mounting options