The FDC-B8 is a gel sealed in-line distribution and drop closure designed for FTTx networks. It accommodates up to 2 PLC splitters, 48 fusion splices and 8 SC adapters and has 6 main cable ports and 8 drop cable ports.

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  • Gel-sealing, easy to open and re-enter, no tools or re-entry kit required
  • Seals up to 50cm under water
  • Single latch design for easy re-entry
  • 6 in-line main cable ports
  • 8 drop cable ports
  • 2 splicing tray compatible with up to 48 heat-shrinkable splices (SMOUV)
  • Capacity for 2 PLC splitters
  • Capacity for 8 SC adapters
  • Clear demarcation between splicing and patching, allowing quick and easy individual connection to each drop cable