The drawer type front patching/splicing shelf, GPX-D-FPS, is a multi-purpose mechanical shelf assembly for a fiber management system in a rack environment.

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  • 19” or ETSI size
  • Accommodates up to 72 standard or 144 small form factor connectors on the shelf front.
  • Compatible with all type connectors.
  • Angled connector patch panel reduces the risk of eye damage and ensures a positive fiber management for the equipment jumpers.
  • Outlet trumpet to protect the outgoing equipment jumpers.
  • Hinging cover with identification cards.
  • Secondary coated pigtails can be delivered in the kit (patching & splicing version)
  • Mounting brackets can be placed in different positions.
  • Drawer concept allows for – easy access to the splicing tray – easy access to back side of the connector.
  • Repair facility when using pre-connectorized intrafacility cable (IFC).